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When This Mtn Biker Encounters A Mtn Lion, We Didn’t Expect What He Did Next

Watch A Cougar Stalk A Mountain Biker

While mountain biking in Fernie, BC this rider comes face to face with a huge couger. At first, the cougar is hard to see as it blends right into the scenary. Then the big ass cat starts coming towards the rider who begins to slowly back away. With his life in jeopardy this mountain bike rider is amazingly calm considering this cat is a known and dangerous wild predator who could rip him to shreds. The mountain lion stares down the rider like it is just getting ready to attack, still the mountain biker remains super calm.

The mountain lion lets out a true mountain lion roar, one that would definitely make most of us shit ourselves. It appears to slowly walk away, but later comes back at the rider and once again stares him down but again eventually walks away. While the mountain lion is majestic as hell it would definitely scare the bajesus out of most of us. We totally didn’t expect the rider to remain as calm as he did the entire time, this probably saved his life.

So what would you have done? Would you have had the balls to stand there and say “I’m not afraid of you” or would you have tried riding as fast as you could the other direction? Our money is on the later, but props to this mountain biker for his balls of steel!

Watch this intense video below:

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