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This Maybe The Luckiest Biker You Will Ever See

This Is A Video That You Have To See To Believe

Its just another day as this cyclist crosses the street when all of sudden a huge freaking box truck runs a red light. The truck first hits a red car heading in the opposite direction sending it into a total spin and then lightly knocks the cyclist and his bike.

All of this happens in 12 seconds.


I mean you think this guy is toast, you see his leg fly up and the truck looks like it’s just smashed this cyclist but as the truck goes on and flips over you see the bike rider stand up to check on this dumbass driver who just almost killed him. His pants are probably shit-filled, but he’s still going to do his civic duty and make sure the dumbass that just almost killed is ok. Others stop and help or hide in the back seat of their cars, who knows what the blonde chick with the gray car is doing. People start climbing on top of the truck, kind of just chilling there.

Eventually a crowd gathers probably all thinking the same thing. How the fuck is this cyclist still alive? I know I am.

Make Sure You Watch This Incredible Video Below:

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