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Is Drew Bezanson Human? If You Have A Fear Of Heights..Don’t Watch This

Drew Bezanson Shows You Why He Is A Living Legend

Although not mountain biking, when we see something incredible on two wheels we feel the need to share.

Drew Bezanson is no stranger when it comes to pushing the extreme limits of BMX. For this stunt Drew had to be elevated four stories high onto stacked containers where custom ramps where constructed out of old shipping containers.

Drew Bezanson5

Drew Bezanson3

We can’t imagine how it would feel looking down from the top knowing that one slip could be fatal. Some people take fear differently, for Drew if it doesn’t scare him, he isn’t pushing his limits.

Drew Bezanson2

We don’t know what’s in the water up in Canada, but one of the holy shit moments for us was Drew conquering the red floating curved wall.

Drew Bezanson4

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