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GoPro: How To Get The Most Epic GoPro Angles

This Is How To Make Your Gopro Even More Amazing

With the massive increase in technology cameras are becoming more and more advanced allowing us to capture moments that we never thought we’d be able to capture before. Many extreme sport participants are using GoPros to capture amazing footage of their sport. With the GoPro you can capture amazing slow motion shots, time-lapses, and real time video. Whether you are skydiving, swimming, or mountain biking you can catch every action-packed moment. However, you need to make sure that you always capture your footage with the best angles. Here are so awesome tips to make sure you get the best footage possible.

It is important when using a GoPro that you have a mount that is most conducive to filming. Often mounts for GoPros do not fit snugly enough to grip onto an object to give the best filming quality. However, by using clamps you can enable your GoPro to clamp on the the smallest objects. It is best to get a clamp that is capable of changing sizes and provides you with additional grips. If you do not have adequate fit for your mount then you will have an increased chance of the mount sliding and missing your amazing moment.

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Often the best angles for filming are missed because of the vibrations caused from the extreme sport you are participating in. However, by eliminating those vibrations you will get much better angles and picture quality. If you find that your GoPro quality is suffering from vibration then you need to create a mount that will reduce those vibrations. Many GoPro users have found that using rubber tubing, cling film, and Sugru they have a huge decrease in vibration caused by extreme action sports. If you are unfamiliar with Sugru it is a self-setting rubber can bond almost anything to any surface. Sugru is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the wear of tear of it. By using these materials on your mount you will be enabling yourself to have amazing angles and picture quality.

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Getting a great angle also means you need to find the perfect place to mount your GoPro. You need to assess your scenery and think about what you want to film. Many extreme sports enthusiast limit their angels and filming by not getting creative with their mounts. However, GoPro’s an be mounted just about anywhere. To get a great first person view you should mount your GoPro to your helmet. Mounting your GoPro to your helmet cam will reduce vibrations which greatly helps your filming. A helmet mount is the best way to get great angles and to film every ounce of your action packed sport. However, when using a helmet mount it is important to make sure that your helmet fits snugly so high winds doesn’t pull your helmet back and affect your filming. Also, limit your head motion to ensure you aren’t creating a dizzying view for your audience. If you are doing off road sports watch out for trees and branches that may clip your camera. When establishing where to mount your GoPro on your helmet don’t feel limited to the top of your helmet only. You can also mount on the side of your helmet to give a lower profile than a top helmet mount. You can also mount to the chin of your helmet. This gives the closest point of view feel of all helmet mounting locations. If you have a visor then you can also mount your GoPro to your visor. Attach your GoPro to the underside of your visor and you will get an even better first person view with killer angles. Use a great adhesive that is waterproof to attach your GoPro to your visor.

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Don’t feel limited to only mounting on the helmet, you can also do a chest mount. When you use a chest mount you are giving your audience an awesome point of view. You need to really consider if your bike may block part of the view however. Handlebar mounts can also be very great for filming. When you mount to your handlebars you are giving a nice low profile point of view, but you will have more vibrations that can hinder the film quality. If you want to get a great angle of your body positioning and technique using a tail mount is very beneficial. However, you will lose the view of the scenery because the rider will block most of the shot.

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If you want to film a great view of yourself during your extreme sports then you need to get a stick to film with. There are many sticks you can mount your GoPro to on the market, however, you can also make your own. If you are going to make you own you can use a bonding agent that will absorb vibration so you don’t have any disruption in your filming. Using a selfie-stick works great for action sports like skiing so it’s definitely worth the investment. You can also get amazing mounts that will mount from your helmet so you don’t have to hold the stick while riding or doing whatever sport you are doing. These sticks will allow you to film yourself along with your amazing sport.

Make sure when you are filming you have your Field of View settings The GoPro already has a very wide lens which allows you to get amazing action shots. However, there may be certain times when this wide view isn’t the most proactive for your filming, especially if you are shooting close up. If you are shooting close up you will have to adjust your settings so the warping around the edges do not get lost. Changing your Field of View settings can allow you to have a clearer, high quality shot. You also need to be aware of your resolutions. Each resolution available on the GoPro has a different purpose. Make sure that you research how each resolution can enable your video production. When in doubt however use 1080p for the best quality.

Using a GoPro to film all of your action-packed adventures is awesome and having the best tips to get the best picture quality is essential. Make sure if you are going to use a mount your always use a tether in case your mount fails. In the end use your creativity and don’t be afraid to experiment. This will allow you to have to best quality and film you every action packed experience.

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