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When This Mountain Biker Overshoots A Canyon Gap, The Result Is Brutal

Kelly McGarry Overshoots A Massive Canyon On His Mountain Bike At Red Bull Rampage

Pro mountain bike rider Kelly McGarry starts out in awesome form at the annual Red Bull Rampage event. As he nears a massive canyon gap, he flies down toward the jump with intense speed launching him 100 feet over the 75 foot canyon gap.

The result is one of the worst gut-wrenching brutal crashes we’ve ever seen, you can hear the horror and shock from the reaction of the crowd as it all happened right in front them. Medical staff rushed to Kelly and judging by how brutal the crash was, they were expecting the worst.

When you watch the video on the next page, you’ll witness the intense force put onto his mountain bike when he landed and just how brutal the crash was.

This is a picture below of what his mountain bike looked like shortly after the crash, completely mangled and destroyed.

>>Watch The Video Of The Brutal Crash On The Next Page(Click Page 2 Below)<<

kelly mcgarry crash rampage1

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