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This Mtn Biker Gets Robbed At Gunpoint, But There Was An Unlikely Hero

Mountain Bike Robbery At Gunpoint in Somerset West

This mountain biker is enjoying a nice peaceful ride and as he crosses the train tracks a guy along with two accomplices comes running up to him pointing a gun to his face. The rider is super calm and gives up his bike, cellphone, car keys and Oakleys. He tells the robber that’s all he has on him. The robber tells him which way to go and he calmly walks away.

This robbery is just disgusting but fortunately for the rider, he was also wearing a GoPro Hero. The trio robbers obviously had no idea what a GoPro was as it was mounted on the mountain bikers helmet filming the entire robbery as it happened. The video footage will be used to prosecute these idiots!

The mountain bike rider later commented:

Ok, so to let everyone know… YES, THIS WAS VERY REAL! Yes, it was real gun and yes it was loaded. I am a very fortunate individual for not being hurt in the process and thankful for that every single day. The police have been superb and currently the 2 main suspects have been denied bail and await trial next month. One thing I can say is that you never know how you will react in a situation like this – when a gun is pointed at you, you expect it to be used and if you look closely you will also see a blade that the second individual was carrying. So if an attempt was made for the gun by myself, I doubt the outcome would have been a good one. I will post an update after the hearing for those that are interested.

Watch the footage of the robbery below, we must admit this riders has balls of steel being so calm while having a loaded gun pointed towards him!

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