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This Thief Will Think Twice The Next Time He Thinks About Stealing A Bike

This Bicycle Thief Learns The Hard Way…Don’t Steal Bikes!

This is absolute crazy CCTV footage of a bike thief that tries to steal a BMX bike with a hacksaw and gets his ass handed to him when a guy who knows the bike owner raced out and beat the thief silly taking the bike back. After the thief was beat and kicked, he lay there motionless and knocked out.

From RideUK BMX an interview with Turner Meacham, the guy who is considered by many as a hero:

Yo, so like this BMX has been parked up there everyday for 6 months or more! It’s right in front of my window and it belongs to this kid at the college. I don’t know him or whatever but he seems pretty chill. He’s kinda dorky but his Mom is fire no joke.

Then like one time, it was after 5pm and I was dick pickin’ on Snappy C to some real naughty UK broads when I seen this guy slink up and get into the lock with a hacksaw or whatever. I had to like run the whole length of the college to get to the doors and I figured he’d have probably gone with the bike. Anyways I was running down and he seen me approaching at speed. You can see in the video, he looks up and starts to panic

As it turned out the thief is known in the area and the picture below shows the extent of his injuries.


BMX Thief2

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