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Mountain Biking Daily’s Top Three Favorite MTB Video’s

Mountain Biking Daily’s Top Three Favorite Video’s

There are some sick mountain biking videos out there. In fact, every day there are videos that are coming out that redefine mountain biking and literally leave us in awe. However, there are some videos that go way beyond and we have picked three of them that are our very favorite mountain biking videos. Here are our three picks for the most awesome mountain biking videos and why:

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

This video shows Danny Macaskill going to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The ride that ensues upon his arrival is beyond amazing. Danny rides up rock covered hills that are not only hardcore, but some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. Danny climbs a rocky hill that looks deadly to even climb without a mountain bike, but then he descends down the mountain smoothly. Danny continues his amazing riding on a narrow hill overlooking gorgeous water and mountains. He once again climbs a rocky mountain that is basically the same length of his bike at the top. His ride down the mountain is narrow, curvy, and had huge drops to the side. However, Danny is dialed and doesn’t miss a beat. He continues his awesome downhill ride by hopping rocks that are far apart and separated by some beautiful water. As he rides closer to the water he does a front flip over a fence and ends back at the beautiful shores of Scotland. His ride is by far one of the most beautiful and hardcore rides you will ever see.

Watch the making of “The Ridge”:

Here’s why we love this video:

1. This video shows us that Scotland has hardcore terrain that is for the most advanced. It almost is like Danny was placed on the set of The Lord of the Rings and conquering every mountain. We definitely have a whole new respect for the terrain of Scotland.

2. Danny shows how superhuman he is. During this video there are many times you think, “There is no way he can do that,” but Danny has no fear he goes where it seems impossible to go. There was no obstacle that was too tough for him and that makes this video awesome.

3. The scenery is amazing. When you are mountain biking you always see really awesome views of nature. However, this video shows nature in its most undisturbed state and it is awesome. The views are beyond anything you will see anywhere else.

Kelly McGarry’s Huge MTB Back flip Over a 72 ft Canyon Gap

This video features Kelly McGarry riding down an insane rocky canyon that is narrow and has a huge drop at Rampage in 2013. He flies down the canyon through every curve. He then kills a flip. After his awesome flip he does a huge downhill and does a massive back flip over a 72 ft gap. He continues with his awesome run as crowd goes insane. When he is finished he is absolutely as stoked as the rest of the crowd and the announcers. McGarry states this is his first time he has done good at Rampage. He said he was stressed out a little bit about, but since he had the speed he just went for it. Definitely an amazing run with an amazingly shocking back flip that none of us expected.

Analysis of the magnitude of Kelly McGarry’s 72ft Canyon Gap:

Here’s why we love this video:

1. Let’s put into perspective what McGarry did in the video. A standard road is 9-15 feet wide. McGarry did a back flip over a 72 foot canyon. That means he essentially jumped 4-8 roads. That is one of the most massive jumps ever. McGarry showed that he wasn’t afraid of any obstacles. He killed it.

2. Not only did McGarry do an awesome back flip, but he showed some awesome riding skills. He got second place for the run, which seems insane, but Kyle Strait was faster and didn’t go off course. However, for the most amazing back flip we will all see for a long time, this video is the best by far.

3. This video is just exciting. When watching McGarry’s run you can just see that he is dialed in and ready to amaze. However, you have no idea just how ready he is. He stuns us all with his amazing feat. You can hear the sheer excitement of the crowd and the announcer. We all love shocking feats and this was definitely one of them.

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk’s unReal Segment

Unreal is the word for this video. It is important to remember this video was filmed in one uninterrupted shot. Starting on top of a beautiful grassy mountain Semenuk does an amazing run jumping over hill after hill. Killing sharp curves, doing an amazing back flip over a huge drop, and then switching his bike to do a massive downhill with huge curves. Semenuk pulls off another massive back flip and continues flying downhill doing multiple jumps. To imagine this entire video was pulled off in one uninterrupted shot is amazing.

Watch the making of One Shot:

Here’s why we love this video:

1. The entire video is shot uninterrupted. From the truck pulling onto the mountain to Semenuk bringing his bike to the starting point you get a view of everything. The skill that it took Semenuk to be so dialed in and kill every obstacle without needing to re-shoot is amazing. There are few riders who are capable of making such amazing runs.

2. The run is so smooth that it seems like anyone could do it. Semenuk is so smooth he makes his ride appear effortless, however, this wasn’t an easy run. He pulled off tricks that many of us only dream about.

3. The track is beautifully built, the filming is great, and the scenery is gorgeous. Adding to the smoothest riding in the world is how perfect every aspect of this video is. Everything is brilliantly executed making this an amazing video.

There you have it, MBD’s Favorite Three Video’s, hope you enjoyed watching or reliving these video’s as we did.

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