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Loïc Bruni Proves Why He Is The Fastest Rider In The World

Loic Bruni’s AMAZING UCI World Champion Winning Run

Loic Bruni leaves nothing to chance as this french born pro mountain bike rider skillfully hammers down the hill, killing every curve. Bruni, a former junior champion in France, is dialed in and up by 2 seconds by split 2.


The crowd can sense something special is about to happen going insane for Bruni. He gets major air towards the finish line and pounds the pedals as he races towards the finish line. Bruni and the fans go beserk when he finishes in the lead 2 seconds up and with Aaron Gwinn to go. When Gwinn eventually crashes near the second split it cements the victory for Bruni who is now officially the fastest rider in world.


Loic Bruni on his way down to La Massana:

When I started I didn’t feel that great,” explained Bruni, “not confident. So I did everything I could to get a good rhythm. The first bit is pretty physical and I gave everything at the top. I tried to find a very good flow. I didn’t believe it could be possible. I wasn’t even thinking about the win and I had a good run. At the bottom were all the people and fans, so I went off the brakes and went really loose, and I held it to the bottom.


Way to go, Loic Bruni, you’re a friggen beast, you definitely deserved this win!


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