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Five Most Extreme Mountain Biking Locations In The World

Fun? Or Just Plain Insanity?

Mountain bikers are lovers of adrenaline. The more frightening the trail the better. Sure it is risky, but what would life be without a little danger. Our world is full of amazing mountain scenery that provides amazing trails. Our amazing mountain formations have created trails that have massive drops, rough terrain, and terrifying conditions.

It takes a massive amount of concentration and skill to conquer these trails. Many of these trails are terrifying, but exactly what we all dream about conquering. If you are wanting to find the maximum adrenaline rush check out this list of the five most intense and insane mountain biking trails in the world. See if you are brave enough to hop on your bike and ride these beasts.

Death Road, Bolivia

Drawing a huge crowd of mountain biking enthusiast is Yungas Road. If you are up for a trip to South America this trail starting in La Paz, Bolivia that was once one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is best to be said that if you are terrified of huge drops this is definitely not the trail for you.

Starting at 15,100 feet you start out on a paved road and then you arrive at a cut in the road that begins the terrifying part of the trail. Not only will you see some extreme drops you will face some very steep sections. The scariest part, there are no guard rails to save you if you get to close to the edge. There are varying levels of terrain so it is important that you are well prepared. Not only are you going to have the scariest ride of your life, but you are going to see some amazing scenery.

Cliffs Of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

cliffs of moher1

cliffs of moher2

cliffs of moher3

Take a trip to Ireland and you will find yourself an amazing trail that is for the bravest riders out there. The Cliffs of Moher located in County Clare, Ireland rise 390 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. This trail maxes out at 720 feet and this trail is often called the “Cliffs of Insanity.” If you are a novice cycling then you need to make sure that you are prepared for this terrain.

When you have a trail that is a small four inches wide with huge drops of six hundred feet you are going to have to make sure you are completely dialed in on this trail. Not to mention the winds are strong enough to blow you right over the edge. This is terrain that will leave your adrenaline pumping. This isn’t a trail to lose your focus on for sure. With the huge drop off to the sides a loss of focus could definitely be completely detrimental.

Portal Trail, Utah USA

Utah offers the most amazing biking trails, but one of the more extreme trails is the Portal Trail. This is definitely a trail that is definitely for riders are the most advanced. You need some sick technical skills to be able to conquer this beast. If you do the entire 34 mile loop you will find yourself on a hardcore ride. Ten mills of this loop is uphill to the trail head and eight flat mils from Jackass Canyon to the middle of Moab. You will find yourself going uphill on rocky ledges on a strenuous uphill climb.

When you get to the Rim you will be heading down some crazy downhill rocky ledges that you have to stay focused on to stay away from the edges of deadly cliffs. This eleven miles of downhill insanity drops 2,700 feet that you will definitely get a huge adrenaline rush from. Make sure that you are advanced on both smooth trail and rocky trail as you will have to do some stair stepping.

Radwanterung Trial, Austria

Many riders flock to Garnitzenklamm Gorge in Austria to ride on the adrenaline inducing Radwanderung Trail. You will find yourself on a crazy narrow trail that you have to keep your focus on. One second of not being dialed in will send you sailing over the edge.

You can reach some awesome speed soaring down these trails. However, many of these trails are no wider than your handle bars and you will find yourself going over small wooden bridges so you need to make sure you are an advanced rider to tackle this trail. You will see amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea at the end and be totally stoked that you made it to the end.

Alo d’Huez, France

If you are looking for the ultimate biking experience then you should make your way to the French Alps. You will find amazing drops on the Alp d’Huez. This trail is a mountain bikers dream. 0 miles of downhill biking you will find challenging rocky terrain with 8,000 feet of vertical drops.

If you are feeling the need for massive adrenaline then you should check out Megavalanche, it is the longest downhill race in the world. This race is 13,000 feet of downhill that goes over four days. It is a week long event that will definitely not leave you feeling disappointed. This trail is insane and will definitely feed your need for danger and excitement. Not to mention the amazing mountain views you will see.

When you are a mountain biker there is no hill too big, no trail too narrow, and not drop to deep. You live off the adrenaline of danger. These are five of the more dangerous trails you are going to find. While, there are others that majorly compete, these fives massive drops and dangerous curves will definitely feed your appetite for living on the edge. Make sure you have the right equipment.

There have been multiple instances of riders not being prepared and paying greatly for it. Every trail has it’s own unique dangers and therefore preparation and awareness is highly important. Research the weather, be prepared for unpredictable issues, and most of all make sure you are up to the challenge. Other than that, enjoy. You will have the ride of your life if you are up to it.

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